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See every event around you

Panramic pulls together every event through a single network, filters them based on the person, and pushes them to your Facebook news feed.

No more flyers
You shouldn't have to go through posters, flyers, newsletters, text messages, facebook invites, catalogues, and pamphlets to simply know what's going on.

Panramic takes the clutter away and helps you see every event around you at a single glance.
The events feed is designed to be simple and personal. Base on the networks you are a part of and the fields you are interested in, you will be connected with relevant events.

Networks are based on your city and university.

Fields are focused on the types of events you are interested in.
Facebook Integration
Events that you can find on Facebook are often limited by your friends. This is part of the reason why there is always a performance, comedy show, concert, networking event, or house party you are missing out on. It's time to change that.

Panramic is fully integrated with Facebook. You can now have a private and personal events feed in your Facebook news feed. We have also built an application within Facebook for you to quickly browse the latest events.

Seeing every event around you has never been simpler.
Free lunch for a week
Introducing one of our most popular features: the free food filter. With a click of a button, you can see every event on campus with free food.


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